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Grant's been importing bikes for years, he designs some of them and sends those designs to Taiwan because they still build lugged steel bikes and use cast waxed method to make lugs, and some are Taiwanese designed and Grant approves them for sale; . Grant knew for quite some time he couldn't survive just having his custom made Rivendell brand as his only bike to sell, so he had to find cheaper alternatives to appeal more to the bay area masses, not only has he done that but his bikes are beautifully painted and have wonderful looking lugs even at the lower price points, a couple are bit odd like the twin top tube stuff but that's Grant for you. I just wish he would make a true expedition type of touring bikes instead of those commuter or going to a picnic type of bikes, I can't even call any of his bikes a true touring bike, there's no provisions for a third water bottle, no provision to attach water bottle cages on the fork, so really what are his bike really good for? Old time artistic charm, looks and high quality primarily. And as hard as I tried, I couldn't find any complaints about his bikes, unlike any other manufacture. Waterford was or still is? producing the top of the line custom built Rivendell labeled bike, Joe Bell use to paint them after Waterford built them, not sure if Joe Bell is painting them any more or not.
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