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Originally Posted by puma1552 View Post
The most important question of all! Are either of you bothered by the seemingly bizarre placement of the valve stem hole on the rear, both with respect to the spokes as well as the decal on the rim, especially once considering centering the tire logos with the valve stem?

Seems like Campy could've put the valve stem hole in the center between two sets of spokes, and matched the decal to that as well - they did a nice job centering everything on the front wheel so not sure what's going on with the rear, unless this has something to do with the rim dynamic balance on the rear. Not a dealbreaker, but just seems like a bizarre design choice that I didn't notice earlier.

I'm switching between 3s and Zondas on a daily basis at this point, can't make up my mind but these seem like the logical choice at the sub-$500 price point for recreational riding. matters to me so much that I didn't notice until you pointed it out. And you know what, it still matters just that much to me, LOL!
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