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Originally Posted by puma1552 View Post
I did have a couple questions, having never bought a set of wheels before -

1) I know these come with a checklist from the person that assembled them, so I'm assuming they SHOULD be true right out of the box and shouldn't need any servicing before mounting tires/cassette and putting on the bike, right?

2) Does anyone know if the QR skewers that come with these are quality/reliable internal cam skewers? When it comes to skewers, I care a lot more about reliability than I do about weight and I won't use any that aren't internal cam style.

3) I'll be transferring my existing, nearly new cassette over to the new wheel. I shouldn't need to make any adjustments whatsoever to derailleur limit screws or anything at all, right? When the cassette is transferred to the new wheel and that new wheel is on the bike, that cassette should be sitting in exactly the same place as it did before with respect to the rest of the drivetrain, right?
1) Right
2) Should be Type20 skewers which am fairly certain are internal cam
3) Maybe ok, but IMO likely small tweak to indexing or limits may be required.
FWIW, you may want to bring your new wheelset into the LBS for the cassette swap and RD adjustments if necessary.. Have them put on the Conti 5000s and tube in while you're there as well. Whatever you pay will be less probably than getting a chainwhip and lockring tool; though of course you will probably eventually want these anyway.
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