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Originally Posted by GrizzlyPeaks View Post

lmaooooo man. As a young person/
(22) the cycling community which is older seems to have the biggest ego I have ever witnessed. Bikes are bikes man. There’s NOTHING to complicated. Literally everything on a bike is simple and do able with common sense/YouTube/and google. The last point is valid, if it was so hard and required “years” of experience why are ppl getting paid min wage. Nothing on a bike is not do able by a semi competent person.

People get paid minimum wage because people still believe bikes are toys and many still treat them as such. Minimum wage is not a signifier that something is easy, sure the easy stuff is easy but there is a lot to learn young padawan. It seems there is a big ego here of people who think everything is just so easy that you just watch youtube and magically you are an experienced bike mechanic who can fix any bike quickly and efficiently. Trust me to get far in this industry you have to know your stuff and that doesn't come from watching some videos it comes from experience and working on a wide variety of bikes with a wide variety of problems in short amounts of time. Also there are a lot of specialized tools that aren't practical for the home mechanic to have and while some stuff you can bodge together to make something close it may not do the job properly or it won't last long.

You realize a lot of folks are getting underpaid for what they do, it is a common problem amongst a lot of people. People with money don't like to give it up even if it means they could make more money. Sure I don't work in a cubicle checking emails, playing Minesweeper and filing TPS reports and that must be a signifier for difficulty because some seem to get paid decently. However that is not the case. Obviously though you are still young and figuring these things out and maybe one day you will work some jobs and get paid very little and work really hard and use a lot of skill and maybe just maybe realize what you are saying is wrong.
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