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Originally Posted by GrizzlyPeaks View Post

Lol man you have heart. But you need to just realize it isn’t that serious. There’s a reason ppl don’t get paid good for what you do. Nothing wrong with it just the facts. There’s a reason you get paid way more to clean teeth, be a doctor, lawyer, electrician, construction worker, social worker, accountant, medical assistant, you name it. There all jobs requiring actual skill that is in DEMAND and isn’t easily learned. Tell me how did you learn to do what you do ? By just going out and doing it. The bike was invented WAAAY long ago and remains in principle the same. And you are wrong. Anything that could go wrong with a bike is learnable through forums/internet. For Christ sake my dad and I restored a whole ass 70 Chevy pick up from frame up, in our garage. We learned how to swap the ENGINE in our 99 power stroke diesel, and We learned how to install fuel injectors, oil pump, and fuel system OURSELVES through YouTube and diesel truck forums. Bikes ARENT that serious man for real give it rest. People self teach computer engineering/coding completely online redd!t/YouTube. And you think a silly bike is more complicated than coding and engine rebuilds/modifications? Man you need to wake up smell the coffee.
Natural aptitude matters. Some people make miserable mechanics even after spending 4 years in trade school and passing ASE certification tests. Others can do award-winning, frame-off restorations with nothing but an Internet education. Each person has different abilities and talents.

I will say one thing, the Internet has made all things DIY extremely friendly and easy to get into. It really has changed the world.
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