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Originally Posted by datlas View Post
I know we are not supposed to comment on other threads but there is such a hanging curve there....must resist....MUST RESIST!!
C'mon now, it's not like this is a prison in here. One can mention other threads and state that it's either wonderful or awful or anywhere in between. Just don't criticize a specific individual or post or thread topic, or say anything that would cause an individual to come into this thread and complain. For example, you can't say something like "Oh boy that troll is at it again in xxx thread", because he and everybody else can figure out who you're talking about. Just one example of hundreds. Just don't make the remark personal is the general guideline.

Now I realize some people don't have good judgement and some don't do well toeing a fine line and that it would be best if they just said nothing at all. And if your comment disappears then you'll know the reason why.

And if you really really really MUST say something personal, go post in that particular thread and take your chances over there, not here.
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