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Originally Posted by Flatballer View Post
Maybe not geeky, but I'm looking for more technicalish people (engineers specifically, but anyone really).

If there's a book you want for work for reference (but not a reference book, more of a textbook), do you buy it or does your company buy it? Who owns all those books on the engineer's shelves?

The only books I have at work came from college, so they're mine, but there's a new textbook I want to help me with new work we're trying to get, and I'm debating between just buying it myself and keeping it (it would likely be useful throughout my career) or using my company card and leaving it behind if I move on.
if you buy it with company money then itís theirs.

That said I have bought many books on company expense accounts and they have moved with me from job to job. Usually the info becomes dated or the book is otherwise considered an expense - not an asset so no one ever cares.

No one wants my old copy of .asp scripting for dummies. My Machineryís Handbook was mine but the latest edition I got on the company dime. Part of doing business.
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