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Set out for a speed run to the greenway, about 5.5 miles from home. This is the only ride I do for time, everything else is just for exercise and fun. Got caught by the light and blew my time a mile from home, waiting through two cycles at a traffic light before deciding to run it. (I have a history with local police. Walking in public is apparently considered suspicious, and I became more pointed in my objection with each successive stop. After 8 times, it became quite contentious. So I don't want to give them any excuse to ticket me.)

Tried again two days later, and that time I set a new PR, no trouble at the light. It felt good going in; I'd figured I'd be able to knock off last year's record just from the way I felt.

Went again early this morning. No new record with a headwind, but the moonlight was stunning. Added 12 miles of loop up north then flatted out four miles from home. Wouldn't you know, the pump head had disassembled itself in my pack and a piece was missing, so that ride ended with a moonlit hike.
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