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Originally Posted by travelerman View Post
I'm glad that works for you... my seatpost is a lot lower than yours, so there is not near enough clearance between the bottom of my saddlebag and where the unit would be mounted - it would be pretty much covered by the bag.
Two options that might help.

1. I use the Silca smallest saddle bag/roll that they have. In there, I can hold a tool and tube but the real advantage is how high and snug the boa closure holds it up on the saddle. That pretty much keeps the entire saddle bag up above the top of the usable seat post.

2. The trick from post #5 in this thread using a K-edge stem cap can also be used with a standard seat stay reflector mount to mount a radar or light on the seat stay. This would work very well to mount the Varia Radar there and itís worth a try. Iím going to use that this year so I can run the Cyclic FLY6 ce camera along with the Radar on my bike. Should be a neat and clean set up.

The other thing that most people neglect is that if you donít care about the light, jersey pockets or even a number if not most seat packs are radar transparent. With the old Varia horizontal radar, which you had to get just right or it conflict with your thigh while pedalling, I just put it in my rear jersey pocket and it worked perfectly. Most fabrics and even plastics are pretty much radar transparent as long as they donít have metal in them. D
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