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I actually did this with my Xtra. Unfortunately I dont have pics of the setup (daughter has long since outgrown the TAB). What I did was fab a new mount that attached to the Flight Deck (I dont recommend using the Snap Deck for this) just a tad ahead of the rear axle. This allowed the TAB to stay in it's stock form but track properly behind the Xtra as well as clear the racks. It didnt seem to make the Xtra unstable but she is also very light for her size and I'm, well, fat. I didnt have the Wideloaders on nor did I ever have a ton of stuff in the Freeloaders while she was with me, but I'd like to think you can shift enough stuff around to allow the TAB clearance. I do still have the mount, as janky as it is (built before I had a welder at the house).
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