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Originally Posted by CliffordK View Post
What would be the gearing restrictions? Perhaps impose a rather low gear, forcing riders to spin out? That, of course, would benefit some riders, but be a serious impediment to others.

I assume the Red Hook courses are relatively flat.

One option would be to add say a 1/2 mile 5% climb/descent into the middle of the course, and force riders to choose gearing for the entire course.
Yeah, I don't know exactly what kind of restriction, but for instance a cap on gearing that riders can't exceed. Keeping the gear lower would keep the speed of the race lower, and presumably safer as a result (ie, fewer riders overcooking the turns and crashing because they can't hold the line).

Climbs/descents in FG races are a bad idea, IMO. I recall a video from one of the youtubers I follow where he showed up to a fixed crit to discover that the course featured a descent into a hairpin turn. And then it started raining. Another example of bad course design creating an unnecessarily unsafe race. The guy making the video wisely chose not to race it.

The points above about the open registration are also an issue. There's just so many things that coalesced to make RHC a ridiculously dangerous race. I think they should make some significant changes if/when they come back for the sake of the riders.
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