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We had a local crit that I raced as a kid. Moderate hill climb/descent with a hairpin turn at the bottom, and a slight uphill sprint to the finish. Straw bales lining the corner, they knew it was problematic. But the race has been stopped for a couple of decades.

But, I'm not convinced that it has to be designed that way.

One race I went to (don't remember if I raced or my brother raced) was on a paved outdoor track, maybe a mile or two loop on a small hill. Unfortunately now converted to the local garbage dump. I don't believe there were any corners too tight for a bicycle as I'm sure the track was designed for cars, motorcycles, or gocarts.

I'm not sure I know of many public streets that would have drops and lead-outs or rollers to slow down cyclists, and gentle corners (banked or not, but without any negative banking). Certainly not all hills and overpasses have corners at the bottom, but closing major intersections can be problematic.

Perhaps I should look at the local community college parking lot. It might be easy enough to get it made available for a Sunday.

It would be a unique to design a new city subdivision to specifically build a bicycle track into the street design.

Of course, one could say that dangerous corners, pinch points, & etc are all part of the sport.
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