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Kind of a disappointing FTP test, what do you all think?

Ok, here is my background... i am 59 (almost) YO, and i currently am hovering around 190lbs, down from about 225 a year ago, so i am good with all of that. I started doing structured training last year about 8/1. I dd all of my structured training outdoors until the darkness started descending so early in December. then i got out my old fluid trainer and sucked it up (rule #5 and all of that ****e). I was always exceeding my TSS targets outdoors, not because i was trying to do so, just because i was enjoying my ride. when i went indoors, i was always 10% or so short of the TSS targets. i did that for about a month, thinking i was just worse indoors. then i decided to NOT watch a show, or movie or youtube while riding, and that new focus helped me to be back to what i was outdoors as far as TSS targets. during that time i have done a series of FTP tests, and TP had my FTP at about 193... i didn't think much of that number.
last night i did my first ever FTP test indoors. I was targeting 204 to start and then ramp it up later if i felt i could. well the CIQ app gives a range, so i tried to stay in the top of that range, about 210-225. i got a FTP calculated of 205 (NP of 216). i was happy for the increase of 12 watts... then i started thinking back hmmm
here is a timeline of what i have seen :
8/21/18 first FTP test (ever) 20' power 203, FTP calculated at 193
9/19/18 10 mile T, 20' power 216, FTP calculated at 205
9/27/18 FTP test 20' power 215, FTP calculated at 204
11/1/18 FTP test 20' power 219, FTP calculated at 209
12/9/18 uphill TT, 8 miles, 2200 ft. 20' power 233, FTP calculated at 221

So far i am thinking this stuff really is working. plus i feel better, faster stronger Now work has gotten me really stressed, i start to eat poorly, skip workouts because with my huge commute, and long hours, all i have time for is sleep, eat, drive, work. weather starts to get sucky too, so i have to miss a bunch of weekend club rides.

I do one ride with guys i have no business trying to ride with, and give it my all.. i look down at an early point in the ride, on mostly flat, and i see i am going 26 MPH, and at over 300 watts. i think better back off or you are going to explode! this ride was 45 mile with just 1600 ft of climb. i wound up with my best 20' NP of 229, which calculates to FTP of 218 (actual NP for an hour was 212). i am feeling like i have made real strides, because i realize change and improvements are slow and hard.
Now in back indoors, rain won't stop! so i try a 3' test
1/24/19 3" max effort NP of 275, FTP of 193. so training peaks resets my FTP lower, and i forget about the earlier FTPs, I am getting older after all.
2/14/19 2 X 20' FTP efforts , best one NP of 204, FTP calc of 193
Did i lose all of my fitness gains in the last month? or is my indoors lower than outdoors due to the steady state nature of what i am doing? I am told that at my age, use it or lose it is much more cruel than as a young man.
anyways, thanks for listening (figuratively speaking) i welcome all of your thoughts and opinions.

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