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Originally Posted by FrenchFit View Post
Are you semi-pro racer? If not, why do you care about "efficiency"?

On my group rides I use a heavy 90's bike with panniers so I work harder than my fellow riders, especially on hills. Why? - I want the work out. I am not trying to make it easy or efficient.

My opinion, paying any money to gain 20 watts via a bike fit or upgrades is beyond silly nonsense unless you are being paid for your race results.

Just saying..., since you posted....
I too get a work out on group rides and it's mainly by being out front the whole ride. We all get enjoyment from different aspects of riding. I prefer to work as hard as I can, efficiency isn't all about saving energy it's also about using everything you have to the best of your ability, if that is what you want and this is what I want. I can afford the cost and cycling is my passion, I like to ride with any group from the slowest to the fastest and to ride with the faster groups I need to get everything I can get out of myself and equipment. It's not silly to me, silly to me would be riding a bike with panniers on a group ride but that's just me. It's all about what you want as an individual and what you enjoy.
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