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Originally Posted by fstrnu View Post
Let's play a game. Who said the following?

An indicator of improving fitness is that the speed or power of your intervals increases relative to your heart rate (this is where keeping track of your heart rate during interval training comes in). That's always a sure sign of improving aerobic fitness.
This is true sometimes, but it is hardly a training plan. The book is quite a bit longer. And of course the quote refers to many issues with HR w/r to power - hydration, fueling, temperature, fatigue and on and on. Which doesn't make HR an evil thing, it just carries a lot of information that is subject to interpretation, meaning the rider may not understand what HR is telling them at the time. Sometimes it happens like in the quote, sometimes it's the opposite. I've had HRs 5 beats below LT while standing in the shade and I've had HRs that wouldn't go over 80% of LT no matter what I did. It's an important metric but it helps to know what it's a metric of.
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