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When we don't stay with my daughter, we like to rent an Airbnb right downtown, as close to the river as possible. Then everything is walking distance but you are still essentially in a residential neighborhood. We do 1/3 road and 2/3 mtb or hiking, so I haven't ridden all of the good road routes yet. But the basic one is Cascade highway out to Mt. Bachelor and back. Then there are several routes used by the Cascade Classic stage race. I did one of those that ended up being 120k for us - but I need to look those up again. If not sure just go down to Hutch's Bikes on Columbia street - they will know.

If you get time, drive out to Prineville, park at the city park on Hwy 27 on south side of town and ride Crooked River highway out and back as far as you care. Wonderful canyon-like route.

Our favorite hike is Tumolo Falls - gps will usually find Tumolo Falls road.

Jackson's Corner is our go to for good food at good price. There are two of them. After 5 hours on the road Pizza Mondo is really really good to finish up with (that and a few beers). Back porch coffee is my favorite coffee stop - there are two of those.

Don't go today - they are expecting another foot of snow.
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