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Originally Posted by Leisesturm View Post
Not to me. CoG looks about right for the kinds of speeds these things are likely to see. But I am just getting up to speed here. WTF? What rock have I been under that this robapocalypse has come upon polite society without my notice! I'm thinking that, for now, North America remains robot free. Yeah, that's the ticket. I also think in a collision with an F-150, the truck would prevail? I'll also go out on a limb and suggest these things won't be running cyclists over either and if a cyclist manages to hit one it would be evidence the cyclist was inattentive, not the other way around.
Theyre very fidgety. They rock forward and backward a lot on stop/start, they don't move fluidly unless they're cruising. They wouldn't tip sideways though, unless they went off the edge of a high kerb. Which they probably do. They're clumsy and not very predictable, especially around junctions. But on the straights, a cyclist has passed by the time the sensors kick-in and freak it out..
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