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Guys, this post became must bigger than I expected. As you all see there are various points of views, other need to store their keys, others don't take keys, other never had this problem and others don't even know what keys or sports clothes are. Others see it as a potential problem - myself included - others never faced this issue. This doesn't mean one is wrong! It's just a discussion and for those that think it was not a valid question, then just see the discussion it caused.

Don't ask me for any further explanations, I don't have any. I don't see any point.

I was just wondering, hence my initial post! That's it!

FYI, I think I posted above, I've been using a small frame back and a small seat bag for this, BUT I wouldn't like them on my bike. It all comes down to preferences.

It's a discussion and I can't see how one could be right or wrong, except the haters of this post...
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