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"All this does is force consumers to pay for an extra layer of shipping, stocking etc. and it won't save the bad shops or move the needle far when it comes to sales at successful shops either."

That is only the short side of the story. What happens in the long haul is a birth to competition. A space is created for low priced components that will eventually get filled by another manufacturer. I know this first hand as myself and a partner were able to capture a good size of a market with low cost alternatives that worked well. SRAM filled a components void when they started and now look at them. This is the eb and flow of a free market.

Price is not king in my world. I support my local shops because they are my neighbors and I recall when I was broke and living out of a car. My neighbors were there to support me. The guy working out of a mail order warehouse in another state was not there for me, the people in my community were.
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