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Originally Posted by teomoto View Post
So, it's summer, you get dressed in sports clothes and take your bike for a quick - or not - ride, mostly for working out, but might later turn into a fun ride, too.
You must take your keys with you, while everything else is not necessary this time (cellphone, food, etc), but you don't want to have your keys on your pockets (or you don't have pockets, like in my case!).

Question: What do you do with your keys/key chain???
I'm assuming you mean house keys;
on the cheap side:
you can carry your keys in your seat bag,
or if your shoes have laces you can lace the key onto one of your shoes,
if your shoes have straps you can buy heavy duty velcro, mount one side on the key and the other to the tongue of the shoe where the strap will go over the top of the key to help hold it;
if you don't use a saddle bag you can get either reusable zip tie or pipe cleaner and tie your key to the seat post;
Next stuff will cost more money but:
if you have a powered garage door you can see if they sell a key pad for around $35 you can place on the outside near the garage door then all you need to know is your own combination of 4 numbers to open it from the outside;
you can get a combination door lock for around $120, or a smart door lock for about $200 or a finger print scanner front door lock for about $300, these are the most expensive way to go but they're options.

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