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Originally Posted by greatscott View Post
These are great RA RA points, but in reality most bikes sold new come with Shimano. If I was a hater of Shimano I would just get a bike with Campy or SRAM on it. But you know darn well that you're looking up a 10,000 foot cliff that's just not going to be scaled by enough people to matter.
No one here is talking about parts that come on new bikes, in respect of Shimano's actions here.

This is all about buying spare parts from websites like Chainreaction, Bike24 etc.

You don't seem to have grasped what is going on.

If I buy a new bike and it has Shimano parts on it, I am not all of a sudden paying any more than I did before(so I don't care that it comes with Shimano parts), this only applies to buying parts/consumables, which people do all the time.
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