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Bikes: One I paid $50 for :**

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Originally Posted by mrv View Post
Nuts! Glad you're well enough to get back at it.
Did you get your bike advice yet? If you're going to use your MTB for a 60 miler, I'd recommend the following:
1. Less knobby tires. Maybe something branded a hybrid tire or a straight up slick road tire depending where you're riding.
2. Skinnier tires are higher pressure, so maybe a fatter slicker will be more comfortable.
3. More up right riding is more comfortable, so raise the bars. Probably just a new stem will do. Maybe you need some swept back type bars if it's an old MTB with a long top tube (relative to the seat tube / relative to what you need).
4. New seat. Lots of people find wide and firm saddles more comfortable for up right riding.

The new version of the sport touring bikes being sold today all seem quite nice. Branded mostly as "gravel bikes" ~ gotta be the worst name ever... Or cyclocross bikes.
My vote would be the drop bar style. Seems like lots of folks like having the "hands on the hoods" position.
happy trails.

I have been looking at cyclocross bikes, It looks like I can get a used bike for 900 to 1200. I figure that is still a month away. I used my mountain bike doing downhill biking. Years ago I rode motorcycle trials and the downhill skills seemed pretty comparable. My mountain bike is better suited for jumping over logs and rocks than going any distance.

I figured as time gets closer to just ask the members here what they recommend. After doing a bunch of research I realize I am completely ignorant about bikes and what to use and what to stay away from.

As a general question. I would assume that the calorie, hydration, demands on bikers is less than it is for long distance runners. Everything I have done as a runner to stay fueled has been the difference between finishing a 50 mile race and DNF Then again, I have never peddled a bike at full steam for 12 hours either. From the outside looking in, you guys at least get to sit down :** and the down hills look pretty good on a bike compared to doing it on foot.

Thanks, LAJ, Trsnrtr, for the link to the training and nutrition section on the forum. I have kind of been lurking as I have no real ability to comment on any of the topics with any knowledge. I assume that it takes some getting used to, for any new member here to get used to the jargon and begin to even get some of the technical stuff posted here.

Thanks, StanSeven, for the advice on cross training, I had not thought about the pool, our school has one and I know they have it open to the public at times. I am currently using my universal gym to work out on, I was not sure about the high reps and if it was best or not, thanks for clarifying
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