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Originally Posted by plasticweld View Post
I have been looking at cyclocross bikes, It looks like I can get a used bike for 900 to 1200. I figure that is still a month away. I used my mountain bike doing downhill biking. Years ago I rode motorcycle trials and the downhill skills seemed pretty comparable. My mountain bike is better suited for jumping over logs and rocks than going any distance.

As a general question. I would assume that the calorie, hydration, demands on bikers is less than it is for long distance runners. Everything I have done as a runner to stay fueled has been the difference between finishing a 50 mile race and DNF Then again, I have never peddled a bike at full steam for 12 hours either. From the outside looking in, you guys at least get to sit down :** and the down hills look pretty good on a bike compared to doing it on foot.
I used to run - two 50k runs and 1 marathon. Many half marathons and too many 10k / 5ks to count. So diet is different. I do long rides, but low intensity - think CampAndGoSlow.
If you are wanting Fast and Long riding, you might investigate Randonneuring. That's a bike like this style on road: https://www.somafab.com/archives/pro...neur-frame-set
Off road / unimproved roads you can do lots of quality reading here: 29+ Bikes (The Complete List) - BIKEPACKING.com - these are the type of bikes, but the website is good.
Another good place for long distance, fast riding is Bicycle Quarterly: https://www.bikequarterly.com/ -- click on the blog link.

My touring bike is an 80s RockHopper MTB. It's nice because the initial cost was nothing. But over the past 5 years I've spent a bit on it. Wheels fenders racks bars saddle everything but the frame....
I just recently acquire a GUNNAR CrossHairs that too small for me. So the good wife willing, I'll get the exact same frame in a larger size and move all the parts. Then maybe, possibly sell all the other bikes.

OK. my two cents. Enjoy the Ride

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