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Hmmm... I wonder if this would naturally happen correctly for both novice and trained athletes alike when using MSI because if...

The common way beginner training plans work is to start with short or easier training sessions, then add more time or intensity in subsequent workouts. The notion is that if you can run one mile this week, then your body will adapt and be able to run two miles next week, then three the following, etc. This also gets applied to interval workouts. This week you can do six hill repeats, so next week you can do seven, and the week after you can do eight. The term for this is ‘progressive overload. In the beginning, progressive overload works...

...then RPE for new athletes would decrease without progression while RPE would skyrocket with progression. And since MSI is based on RPE, then novices would naturally increase load via MSI while trained athletes would naturally decrease load via MSI
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