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Originally Posted by ColonelSanders View Post
No one here is talking about parts that come on new bikes, in respect of Shimano's actions here.

This is all about buying spare parts from websites like Chainreaction, Bike24 etc.

You don't seem to have grasped what is going on.

If I buy a new bike and it has Shimano parts on it, I am not all of a sudden paying any more than I did before(so I don't care that it comes with Shimano parts), this only applies to buying parts/consumables, which people do all the time.
You don't get the point, most Shimano components, or SRAM and Campy, are sold on new bikes, not so much on replacement parts, and even if you need a replacement part a person isn't going to spend a boatload of money to convert something over to another brand so that whatever is replaced is compatible with the rest so it works flawlessly just so they can put a thumb in Shimano's eye, if that were the case the person trying to do that would simply find a bike that doesn't have Shimano components on it, not that difficult to do.
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