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he had a number of bikes like that, I think. Most of them would have had a rigid fork. There was a time when a lot of people were using suspension of some kind on Paris Roubaix.
Semi-recumbent geometry/pedal forward/crank forward/whatever the marketing team wants to call it. I think the UCI got rid of them by banning the saddles or any saddle that was tilted down too much. They recently relaxed the saddle rules a little because some people like their saddle tilted down more than the previous rules allowed.

on edit: As far as I can tell, there was just one bike, and they did have another fork for road racing. Steve Bauer decided he didn't like it and seems to have ridden it in only 2 races. It looks like it would be impossible to sprint out of the saddle, which seems like it would be a big negative.

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