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Originally Posted by Carbonfiberboy View Post
I'm not sure of that. I can get myself to do most anything. The question is: in retrospect, was that a good idea? How do we make progress? Is the straight line in the graph that way to go or should it be an upward curve? One has to have the ATL and CTL data and plot it. Or use TP where it's done for me automatically. Looking at my past data, sometimes I do it frontloaded, sometimes backloaded. My guess is that it depended on how I felt or the weather or other life factors, not a direct result of planning.

After reading the article, I'll try changing that. Next week's an easier week, so then . . .
yeah but your not killing yourself. All things equal RPE will get higher for trained vs lower for untrained. IOW, for the same RPE you can do more as novice but less as highly trained
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