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Rained all day. The utility apes have been digging up our street for almost 3 weeks now to put in the stuff to convert our street from poles to underground... so naturally, the power went out. Only off for about an hour, but when it came back on, the cable modem had a stroke and died. I'd bought that Motorola Surfboard back in 2013 from the Amazon Warehouse, so I reckon it served well. Picked up a Netgear modem at the Target for 70 bucks, and after a 30 minute hold on the phone with Spectrum, we've returned to the 20th century. Only much faster. Speed tests show the same upload and download speeds as before (maybe a little better on the upload,) but the ping is cut in half or better. Everything feels really fast. So no complaints, I guess.

Sunday is the only day in the next week we have a minimal chance of rain, so I sure hope to get in some miles tomorrow. I figure I'm gonna have to be out in the proper wet at least once in the upcoming week. Just gonna have to deal with it.
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