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Originally Posted by 2cam16 View Post
I just switched over to flats a year ago after all these decades on spd's and I feel "safer". I don't have that thought in the back of my mind about unclipping while crashing. Control wise, definitely not as good as being clipped-in but you get used to it and figure it out.
I still have spd's though on most of my mtb's but they hardly get ridden.
I am not sure I agree with the "not as good" statement. lifelong flat pedaller, and yes ex dhiller, and I have no problems with control at speed, or in rough stuff and I ride in almost every condition imaginable. Heck, I ride mid winter on the north shore. Can't get much worse than that for conditions. You do need really good ankle mobility to make flats work really well though. That is extra important ... check out Ryan Leeches video (which may not be free... O_o) for converting from clips to flats. Will give you a lot of great tips for ensuring your ride is even better than in clips.

I find I have better control (as in, more skilled) and I am far safer since I can bail. The adjustment is in how and where your feet are positioned for each type of terrain. Jumping vs climbing vs descending. In fact, since I can maneuver for each I would think that's better for my knees and ankles, but that's really just me guessing since I can't maintain any single position for long with aches and pain... hahaha
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