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Originally Posted by 2cam16 View Post
I just switched over to flats a year ago after all these decades on spd's and I feel "safer". I don't have that thought in the back of my mind about unclipping while crashing. Control wise, definitely not as good as being clipped-in but you get used to it and figure it out.
I still have spd's though on most of my mtb's but they hardly get ridden.
Are you using Five Ten shoes? I started with Chrome shoes but they slid around on the pedal a bit sometimes. Then I tried Five Tens and that completely went away. They had the same grip on the pedal as I had with clipless for down, forward, or back. Not up of course, if you pull up the shoe it will come off as you'd expect.

I also enjoy the not-on-the-bike advantages - wearing the same shoes in the car that I wear on the bike and being able to walk around on any surface with normal feeling shoes.

I felt the same way when I switched back to flats, that there was a tiny bit of thinking my brain no longer had to do now that I wasn't clipped in. Not a huge deal but it was nice.
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