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Originally Posted by jur View Post
There are a few items everyone except Kraftwerk will have to buy:

Problem solver headset adjuster, and 28.6mm clamp, and a rubber O-ring.

The hheadset adjuster is a temporary measure to get the headset tension up correctly. I will post a procedure as well.
The O-ring is to provide some give between the headset and the stem riser clamps. I have found I could not make it stay put; the bending of the top section while riding, plus the huge lever force generated, would slide the clamps up the steerer and loosen the headset. Even grit for extra friction didn't help. So in the end I put an O-ring between the headset and the bottom clamp, and that has done the trick.

[edit] both the headset adjuster and extra clamp are only used to set up the headset and bottom Ti clamp. After tightening the bottom Ti clamp, the adjuster and extra clamp are removed for maximum esthetic appeal. If that doesn't bother you too much, the headset adjuster can be left in place. Mine is only a temporary tool.
I used the Problem Solver adjuster and have just left it in place on the bike. Works fine, not sure the headset adjustment would be easy without it.

I left it on in part because if the headset ever did loosen (which has not happened) I could easily adjust it again.

My Ti Swift has been trouble free. The only minor complaint is that you need to use an allen wrench to fold the bike.
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