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Originally Posted by hig4s View Post
Using the clips to pull the bike up is not the correct way to bunny hop. Learning to bunny hop in clipless can make it difficult to get your technique correct.

Why Flats
To get the rear wheel off the ground, you need the pedals level and to lift with the pedals ?. That's how I learned it. You do have to compress with the legs to get the power to launch the bike, but seems easier to be in clipless and be able to pull up with the feet.

But I'm not Danny MacasKill and I think he does it on flats, so obviously it can be done.

EDIT: Well being curious I watched the GMBN YouTube on how to bunny hop and apparently I've been doing it wrong for 28 years. Seems your NOT supposed to do a simultaneous pull up of the front with your arms and the rear with your clipped in feet, but instead are supposed to lean weight back to get the front wheel up, then shift forward to get the rear up.

OK, got it.

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