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Originally Posted by jimincalif View Post
I don’t know if modems and routers get tired with age or if new tech is just better than old tech. 3 years ago speed tests and consulting with the cable people, my modem was not up to whatever spec was needed. So got a new modem, got it set up and really great up and down speed connected to the computer. Then I put my router back in the loop, download speeds dropped from 70 to 20. After a few days of uptime the router was down to about 3mbps. So got a new router. The other one had served since probably 2003 or so (wired, not WiFi). Been pretty good since. Except Cox equipment in our area doesn’t like the rain, we’ve had several recent outages.
I've been arguing with spectrum on and off about my supposed download speeds (supposed to be getting 100+, only getting about 30) and they kept telling me I had to connect directly to the modem to test speeds and I thought what's the point of that, i'm only ever going to use my router anyway.

Long story short (too late!) I needed a new wireless adapter for my main computer so I could use the 5G band and get away from teh bluetooth / ANT+ frequencies and wouldn't you know it, my DL speed went all the way up to 110.

Maybe teh spectrum bobos aren't as dumb as I thought they were. There are sooooooo many devices connected to my wireless network though, yeesh.
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