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Originally Posted by TrojanHorse View Post
I've been arguing with spectrum on and off about my supposed download speeds (supposed to be getting 100+, only getting about 30) and they kept telling me I had to connect directly to the modem to test speeds and I thought what's the point of that, i'm only ever going to use my router anyway.

Long story short (too late!) I needed a new wireless adapter for my main computer so I could use the 5G band and get away from teh bluetooth / ANT+ frequencies and wouldn't you know it, my DL speed went all the way up to 110.

Maybe teh spectrum bobos aren't as dumb as I thought they were. There are sooooooo many devices connected to my wireless network though, yeesh.
Ah, the 2.4Ghz ISM band. Full of frequency hopping BT (whoever thought a frequency hopping protocol on a crowded shared band was a good idea), noise from flourescent lights, microwaves, zigbee, Z-Wave, and just to add to your pain there's only 3 non-overlapping channels (1,6,11) and someone near you is probably using one of those (or, worse, something else that overlaps on BOTH the clear ones around it) so you're in contention at all times. Add to that wireless is Carrier Sense Multiple Access so the band has to be idle for you to transmit to avoid a collision (as opposed to CDMA for wired) and I'm often staggered you can get ANYTHING across the 2.4G radios.

5Ghz has some issues (channels blanked for radar if you're near an airport) but even with wider channels and channel bonding you're so much better off if you can get signal at the ranges you're at. Just boosting AP power (as an acquaintaince did with WRT and some huge antennna) makes you into more of a jammer than a better source, since the data doesn't get BACK to the AP and now your cell is huge and stomping on everyone else (see CSMA vs CDMA above)
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