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Today, I swapped out two of the most successful tires I've ever had the pleasure of owning-- the 700x35 Hutchinson Overides on my Ritchey. The front tire lasted a (to me) unbelievable 411 days, in which time it covered an equally amazing 5,843 miles. The rear made it just 158 days and 2,758 miles, but never had a single puncture, and the center of the carcass wore evenly down to the threads all the way around. And in my employ, that's pretty darn good for a rear tire. The were both completely flat-topped. Replaced with identical Overides, which I'm pretty sure I even bought from the same seller. May the Fickle Gods of Cycling show mercy upon me, and I have as good of fortune with this pair. My cassette is closing in on the 8,000 mark and will likely need replaced prior to 10k, same for the narrow-wide chainring, which is closing on 13,000.

Unrelated, the micro-USB port on my Hammerhead Karoo computer failed, so that's in the mail back to Hammerhead in NYC for replacement. I can't go back to the Edge 520. I hate it. So thanks to the arrival of MAP pricing and my stunning level of impatience, I rode a big loop around Ontario Airport to the REI in Rancho Cucamonga and picked up a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. Two rides with it so far, and let me tell you this: if you're looking to buy a bike computer, buy this one. It makes the Garmin Edge 520 look like a manual typewriter. The app implementation is better than any I've previously used, and the Strava integration is next-level. Sensor pairing is as simple as can be, and the thing just. plain. works. Different audio tones for different functions, the snappiest auto-pause in the history of bicycle GPS, a clearly readable screen (despite the screen being basically the same size as a 520) and what I have is finally a computer that appears to have been designed by someone who actually rides a bicycle. If there's a drawback, I haven't found it yet. I'm 100% pleased with it. Also laughing at the number of "wahoo conversion mounts" for Garmin out-fronts, when 10 seconds with a razor knife and the Bolt goes right into a Garmin quarter-turn.
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