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Originally Posted by Brompton_X View Post
Any one placed an order online after their store closed? Did you receive your order? I doubt they are still taking order but just want to double check. Thanks!
I purchased 2 Brooks saddles on their website after the brick and mortar store closed, because they were half price. after a week of waiting for them to send a tracking number, I called, left multiple messages, and emailed several times to no answer. I finally had to make a claim through PayPal to cancel the order. I understand that they are going through a closing and stuff, but to take almost $150 and then refuse to even answer an email, did not leave a good feeling in my mind. BTW, this was after I had just purchased TWO Bromptons from them just 2 weeks previous, which was made clear to them on the phone message, and the email.
I guess what was so odd about it was that in person, they were REALLY customer oriented and friendly, so it was even more of a shock that this lack of communication happened.
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