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Bikes: Working on replacing my stolen Soma Buena Vista Mixte

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Originally Posted by phughes View Post
One reason is they are very knowledgeable, and freely share that knowledge. They have absolutely exceptional customer service, something some of their competitors do not have. They have helped me a lot over the years, spending unexpected time on the phone with me when a quick email would have been fine, but the phone conversation gave me more information that emails would have, quickly answering questions and followup questions, and them sharing advice that many companies would not have shared, some nonstandard ways of doing something, that worked perfectly, and cost me nothing.

Selling a product is one thing, selling an exceptional product is better, and providing stellar customer service is even better.
I have visited their store(s) a few times - I wish every bike shop was as friendly and helpful as Riv. I came in looking at handlebars for a non Riv bike and they were so well-informed. Whether it meant buying from them or not. One time I saw a woman come in with a 1940s or 1950s bike needing some service - they tried to help - even though it was a tricky issue.

Originally Posted by Hiro11 View Post
This is a good point. Peterson outright rejects things that are pretty clearly "better" for most riders: indexing, STI, clipless pedals, padded bike shorts etc. Peterson's habit of positioning his opinions as fact gets a little tiring as well.
If that is what is "better" for most riders - that is probably why the number of riders is stuck in slow gear. Not everyone wants to wear special clothes and shoes to go out for a bike ride.

Originally Posted by Bill Gem View Post
I think you mean cm, not inches. Those bikes in your examples are about as long as you’ll find, and they still don’t match what Rivendell is making. The mid sized Clem Smith Jr, for example, has chain stays of 52 cm, and there are Rivs with stays as long as 56 cm. On a bike like the Clem Smith Jr, that means that we’re looking at a wheel base of 117 cm on the model I rode while the LHT has wheel bases in the 105-108 cm range.depending on size.
I test rode a Clem, Cheviot and Betty Foy over various periods. All 3 rode nicely and were pretty speedy (especially compared to my then bike a Public C8i). They were comfy, practical and just really great all around bikes. I considered them, but really I am #teamIGH. Also Riv bikes are so tall, long and big. They are just giant bikes. I realize I like smaller bikes a little lower to the ground. They are very much like the bike version of a Cadillac.

Quite a few people around have Rivs, I see them out and about when I am on the streets. They always catch my eye. Well equipped and beautifully finished.
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