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Bikes: Working on replacing my stolen Soma Buena Vista Mixte

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Originally Posted by greatscott View Post
I've have yet to see a Clem, Cheviot or a Betty Foy in real life, the only Riv bike I've seen is an Atlantis (model before they went with that very weird arch shaped double top tube) and it wasn't tall, long and big, but it was a beautiful bike, the guy riding it said the same thing you said, it's a Cadillac of the bikes. The build, the fancy lugs, the paint was just perfect, and you don't see fancy lugs like that at all in real life. The only problem with Riv bikes is that he touts them as touring bikes but in reality their not, their mostly fancy commuter bikes, or credit card touring bikes, real touring bikes will have a couple of water bottle cage mounts on the fork and another cage mount on the underside of the downtube, none of the Riv bikes have any of those, and when touring water is of prime importance. None of his bikes are really made to haul around an additional 65 or so pounds of touring gear. I'm kind of surprised that Grant hasn't made a true touring bike, I think he would have a decent selling bike if he did.
Well I'm about 5'4" so their smaller frames are a bit bigger than other "small" frames. Probably the long chain stays and upright bars. Their bars (and bikes) are very much like a dutch bike and not a road bike. They also seem to have higher bottom brackets. (This is all anecdotal and from memory - measurements may not tell the same story). Super cushy feeling for sure.

I live around 20 miles away and there are a few special stops that stock them as well. For a bit they also had a mini shop in the downtown of their suburb HQ - which is where I first found them. It felt like an OG hipster store in an upper middle class suburb. I wonder if they opened up shop in one of the hipster areas of my city they'd find a willing audience. The new school hipsters have a lot more disposable cash than hipsters of old.
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