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Bikes: Working on replacing my stolen Soma Buena Vista Mixte

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Originally Posted by greatscott View Post
Speaking of disposable income, the guy I saw on the Atlantis was around his 70's, which in the back of mind I was thinking gray hairs can afford bikes like that and Corvettes, but now that you mentioned hipsters, and some of which make a lot of money probably can afford them as well, I just don't have any wealthy hipsters where I live that I know of, either that or they don't know about Riv bikes, I think most are just trying to afford their homes and cars.
Lots of people donít drive around here, if the live traffic in more urban center neighborhoods. They bike, scooter and Uber.

I have a car and garage and rarely drive more than once a week. Though more with my loss of bike. Iím up to 2-3x a week. Lots of people I know donít have cars at all. Even more so for younger people (Iím 40).

There is a hipster local bike brand selling steel bikes in a lot of colors:

While different messenging than Riv, not too far off. They operate a small storefront in a pricey, gentrified urban neighborhood where 1 bedroom apartments rent for $4k and sell for $800k.

Riv is in a now posh upper middle class burb with Tesla, Tiffanyís and Niemans in the local mall. But when they opened was a more quiet middle class suburb with a few Berkeley refugees who wanted families and an all-American vibe.

The town has changed a lot around them. They may find greener pastures in the city.
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