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Originally Posted by jade408 View Post
If that is what is "better" for most riders - that is probably why the number of riders is stuck in slow gear. Not everyone wants to wear special clothes and shoes to go out for a bike ride.
1. In fairness, Rivendell is hardly a mass market company. They are designing and selling stuff for a specific type of cycling enthusiast, not the mass market. Grant Peterson is not trying to increase the number of riders with his very niche offerings (loosely defined by me as: retro/practical bikes with a very specific aesthetic and very specific set of ride characteristics for people who don't really care about going fast but are willing to pay for a bike that's too expensive to use/abuse as a cheap utility/commuter bike).
2. I agree that not everyone wants to wear special / clothes and shoes, note my "most riders" caveat. I would also say that for many hours on a bike, special clothes and shoes are superior to general purpose clothes and shoes. This is especially true if you want to go at all fast and / or sweat. Which, again, I get some riders don't want to do. On the other hand, most people spending several thousand on a bike are doing those things.

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