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Originally Posted by Hiro11 View Post
1. In fairness, Rivendell is hardly a mass market company. They are designing and selling stuff for a specific type of cycling enthusiast, not the mass market. Grant Peterson is not trying to increase the number of riders with his very niche offerings (loosely defined by me as: retro/practical bikes with a very specific aesthetic and very specific set of ride characteristics for people who don't really care about going fast but are willing to pay for a bike that's too expensive to use/abuse as a cheap utility/commuter bike).
2. I agree that not everyone wants to wear special / clothes and shoes, note my "most riders" caveat. I would also say that for many hours on a bike, special clothes and shoes are superior to general purpose clothes and shoes. This is especially true if you want to go at all fast and / or sweat. Which, again, I get some riders don't want to do. On the other hand, most people spending several thousand on a bike are doing those things.
If you separate the bikes from Riv's philosophy, the things he is advocating are very much mass market and what the average Joe probably wants to do with their bike.
i.e. go for a ride around the neighborhood and carry some stuff as needed. Riv basically makes attractive hybrid bikes. Really a Riv bike is exactly the aspirations of a hybrid bike - a good, comfy and multi-purpose bike you can use every day.

The reason fewer people are biking these days is because every single "modern" "improvement" is all about getting further and further from sitting back and enjoying the ride. It is all about "go faster," "be more like a pro," "get more aero," "improve your cadence," "track your performance," and "win your club ride."

Riv dispenses from all of that and basically says "grab your bike and have a great time," no special preparation needed.
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