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Seat stay caps

I decided to go with flat stainless steel caps on the frame I'm building right now. That pretty much means I had to use nickle silver to attach them, because brazing the lugs to the stays with silver would be a little tenuous if the caps were put on with silver. Nickle silver on stainless wets out, as you can see in my pics, but I have always had a little trouble with it on stainless. Nickle silver has a little bit higher melting temp than LFB, but they are very similar. I'm fairly happy with how it came out. I could have been a little more careful on the part above the stay. I didn't want to mess around cleaning up with the torch on the stainless. Kinda wish I had a belt grinder though. First side is almost filed, took about 15 minutes, but I didn't take a pic yet.

MVIMG_20190307_152033278 by unterhausen, on Flickr
MVIMG_20190307_152649931 by unterhausen, on Flickr

IMG_20190307_152654717 by unterhausen, on Flickr

MVIMG_20190307_184802960 by unterhausen, on Flickr

MVIMG_20190307_184833101 by unterhausen, on Flickr

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