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I was thinking about just using steel, but I didn't have any. They used to sell seatstay caps, but I only had one, so I traced it onto the stainless and cut it with a wheel on the dremel. The stainless goes through hacksaw blades like crazy. It also wiped out my cutoff blade on the dremel.

As you can see, I just cut them a little big. It really doesn't take all that long to file them down.

I need a little more practice with nickle silver and stainless to be really happy with it. It's easy to overheat the stainless at the temperature where nickle silver flows. I got a lot more comfortable while doing these caps, so I'm going to attach the stays with nickle silver. When I was at Trek, we used nickle silver where any sane person would have used LFB. I think I developed a slight sensitivity to it there, so I don't use it much.

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