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Originally Posted by Afischer70 View Post
T-mar, the serial number is: ARYC399780. It's located on the side of the seat tube near the crank. I've never seen a serial number located there.
Your frame was manufactured in March 1983 by Araya of Japan. Other notable brands having been contract manufactured by Araya include Nishiki, Peugeot and Vista. Of course, they also manufactured an eponymous brand and other brands that they owned, such as Rex.

I'm wondering if the timing is one of the reasons that we've not seen an SR Triathlon before. As previously noted, 1983 was the first year that bicycle manufacturers took serious note of the burgeoning triathlon market. Apparently, there were multiple companies that came out with a Triathlon model. The Triathlon model name was actually trademarked by KHS and there was at least one apparent case of litigation. Bridgestone had also released a Triathlon model in 1983 and there's a notable difference between the earlier and later 1983 advertisements. The later advertisements specifically mention that it a KHS trademark, used by permission. I suspect that KHS issued at least "cease and desist" letters from their legal representatives to all companies with a Triathlon model bicycle. Bridegstone appears to have won out as the permitted user, probably the result of a bidding war for a license issued by KHS. This would have caused Marui to withdraw the model name and it may have been used for only a partial year.

However, to anticipate a question, I don't think this rarity increases the value. There have been other cases where the model names have been short lived as the result of litigation, notably the Centurion Comp TA. The values on the Comp TA bicycles are only slightly higher than comparable models of their tubing grade and component package, and this can attributed to the higher recognition factor and reputation of the Centurion brand name. In short, an SR Triathlon should be valued on it's condition, tubing grade and component package. If anything, the low recognition factor of the SR brand name may require a slight discount to encourage buyers.

Regarding the serial number location, is it fairly common. It was used by CCM, Kuwahara and Tano, to name but three. Sometimes, manufacturers with a 10 year repeat cycle in their serial number formats would change the location with each new serial number cycle, in order to provide better traceability on warranty claims.

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