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Originally Posted by zacster View Post
I've never thought the Zwift workouts were anything special myself. I did one last night and felt like I barely worked up a sweat. On top of that, in ERG mode I find them boring. The thing I like about Zwift is it can make a realistic ride with hills and chases and sprints, but in ERG mode you follow a program, you can't chase anyone down, the only sprints are pre-programmed but still limited to the program, and all hills do is impact your speed but not the effort. Maybe this is why I got bored with the Sufferfest too, all of the ERG mode workouts start feeling the same and only the narration is going to motivate you. The narratives got repetitive.
Yep. ERG mode is definitely not for everyone. For example, I'd rather do steady state stuff in ERG mode while watching TV any day over Zwift, but that's me. I can't stand having to pay attention when things are boring, if that makes any sense. For me, I'm either bored stiff or suffering with nothing in between. So I watch TV when I'm bored or simply relish the rest intervals when I'm going hard.
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