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Thank you all for the help & suggestions

Greetings Clifford & all; So you are the guy with the skills to post pictures! Thank you, I have no clue how you did that. My goal for next week is to take a bunch of digital pictures of the tools (more on them later), my bike & most important my old buddies bikes - stuff. I have a meeting with his wife in the works for next week. We talked the night before last & she is running hot & cold. I think she is still in shock? As she is having a hard time with life & the decisions that come with a spouse dieing. So please give me some time to get this all together.
Cliff you also have a good eye. I built the Laing to be the lightest bike of the day, It's 531! The wheels are only rated for a 135 Lbs rider (from memory). All the bearings are Campi (the very Best). Side note, I worked at Parker Pen making the balls, so I had access to some very accurate measuring equipment. Most new balls were JUNK. Only Campi would pass my inspection & I even found a few (very few) Campi balls that were less that perfect. The rear detailer is in a box (like new) as it just didn't preform very well. It also has a newer Campi titanium BB spindle with aluminum cups - tool steel races of course. Not pictured is the Ideal tan leather seat. I cleaned it up last night as it had some green mold on it around the rivets. I realized that it had been a bit over 20 years since I worked on bikes for spare money. A bunch of dust, dirt & dead bugs in my bike shop area. Well this will be my 10th post so I should be able to see my messages soon?
Many of the tools will have to be included with the Laing, so I'll only be posting the ones not need to maintain it. I'm considering posting to Face book market place & Craig's List as I'm familiar with their format as time & pictures allow. So if it's OK here with the Mods, Will I be able to mention that I have posted to those formats? Please chime in. Thank you all for the help & suggestions, Ole' Bob.
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