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So went to my LBS and he wasn't able to remove the freehub either with Allenllen wrenches he had and when looking inside it does not have the two slots or even 4 for a special tool. looks to be fully attached to the wheel. So I cleaned up the bearings and put in new grease but it did not help with this noise I am getting. I took a video and hopefully someone can tell me what they think.

If you watch the video something is grinding or knocking in the rear. it only occurs when free spinning, when pedaling you don't hear it. and it's weird if you watch the video when I move the pedal the noise will actually stop.

I'm pretty sure I need to replace this wheel but curious if its the freehub or the hub itself.

I put the video in my visitor's section of my profile not sure if someone wants to post it for me since I'm not at 10 posts yet.
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