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Originally Posted by fstrnu View Post
Yep. ERG mode is definitely not for everyone. For example, I'd rather do steady state stuff in ERG mode while watching TV any day over Zwift, but that's me. I can't stand having to pay attention when things are boring, if that makes any sense. For me, I'm either bored stiff or suffering with nothing in between. So I watch TV when I'm bored or simply relish the rest intervals when I'm going hard.
For me, indoors or out, if what I'm doing doesn't require me to concentrate the whole time on what I'm doing, I'm not training, I'm just a person on a bicycle. Nothing happens unless I'm forced to concentrate on what's going on. Awareness is everything. Mentally, it's easier for me to have the awareness forced upon me rather than me having to force it. I rather think that's part of the pleasure in riding outside and one of the reasons I prefer rollers. Last year a friend walked in while I was on the rollers. I said "Hello!" and was on the floor immediately. Lost concentration. One-legged pedaling on the rollers is kind of fun. I'm never bored training. If the workout, on its face, isn't that interesting, there's always pain mitigation to work on.
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