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Originally Posted by Prowler View Post
Congrats to both of you. I really enjoyed seeing your collection and how beautifully you've restored and maintained the bikes. And the cycling related items are great too. Love the component filled fish tank. Even enjoyed your organized parts shelves.

And I appreciated your brother's camera work. I see that there is a popular style lately where the camera work is all rapid movements and herky jerky shots of things, jumping around. I suspect it's just fine for folks that grew up on video games. Not me. Your brother's camera movements are just right, smooth and even. He lingers nicely on details we want to study and appreciate. He gives us the time to look. It feels like the way I would move around your room if I was there in person. Thanks for posting. Oh, good soundtrack too!
Hi Prowler! I am glad that you enjoyed the clip. Your compliments & comments are really encouraging to me, myself & my brother. You made his day!

As you may guess, we are of early 60's generation. That's why, we love everything slow & smooth like when we were just kids...so no herky jerky shots at all. My bro just did filming like he is eyeing the things with enough time for observing, no jumping. What you said was exactly what he did, so he does appreciate your comments.

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