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Originally Posted by non-fixie View Post
I recognize that brand ....

.... but haven't a clue what it's doing on that derailleur.

EDIT: just had a look around, and there is a page on them on Michael Sweatman's site. He mentions the saddle maker, even without having seen these graphics.
EDIT EDIT: after a closer look: he does have this "555 arabesque"
that reminds me... I've got a Lepper saddle on my Olmo. Don't recall the model name, but it looks a lot like this:

Two things are novel about it....

1. it has hollow steel rails made of Reynolds 531

2. There is a strip of nylon material under the center of the saddle. It's tensioned leather, like many saddles, but also tensioned nylon.

Apparently these used to come as standard on a Cannondale touring bike. Mine was in the parts bin at the LBS, presumably being swapped when the bike was purchased. Definitely the best $25 I've spent!

Steve in Peoria

p.s. these were a bit notorious for breaking where the rails were welded to the cantle "plate". Not a good saddle for anyone but the skinny folks, apparently.
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